Visit Makassar and Enjoy the Little Things the City Has to Offer

At the moment, you could be looking for a type of vacation that is totally far from being so regular. When you visit makassar, that is exactly what you will experience. You might have been advised to take a vacation to Indonesia but upon learning about the idea, what you find might not be something that could quench that thirst you have for challenging holiday. That itch you feel cannot be quelled just by visiting a beach in Bali where tons of people are snapping away or having a hard time stabilizing their body on a surfboard. A strip of lane peppered with international-chain stores could be something so familiar to you that it borders on being boring.

Conversely, when you do the visit makassar tour, you will not have to compete with fellow tourists to get the best angle for a photo worthy of posting on Instagram. There are no annoying tour buses causing traffic jams. Heck, it would be a blessing if you can find a tourist guide in Makassar. When it comes to tourism industry, Makassar is one of those cities in Indonesia that is not groomed for international-level travel destination—although it should be!

While it is easy to get visit makassar hotels (with some of them offering competitive rates with 5-star accommodations), a trip to Makassar is less than practical. Suffice to say that visiting Makassar is not for the faint of heart. Communication is a big concern here; make sure you learn basic conversational words in Indonesian before getting there. Once there, though, everything pays off. From going to an island that seems to be isolated from modernity even if it is situated right next to the big city to visiting an uninhabited island to enjoying some time on a café surrounded by the clouds, Makassar isn’t short on adventures. Cave-tubing, seeing a butterfly kingdom, sliding down a waterfall, Makassar is a gem of full of activities to fulfill your needs for challenges. It’s a shame it doesn’t enjoy the same level of exposure Bali enjoys. Following a string of energy-taxing activities, you can have a great downtime with a row of leisure, among others:

  1. Taking in sunset at Losari Beach

Okay, this point may contradict your purpose a bit but Losari Beach isn’t anywhere near beaches in Bali. You will not find stores selling international brands. You will not see anyone else other than the locals hanging out here to spend their afternoon. It is not a beach cut for swimming either. It seems more like a place dedicated solely to serve as a place for people to wind out.

  1. Explore the Fort Rotterdam

Originally, the bastion was built by Gowa Kingdom. The Dutch then came and built another fortress atop of it.

  1. Fill your gurgling belly with Makassar’s culinary wonders

Pisangijo, gado-gado, and coto are only to mention few of the best local cuisines to give a shot at.

  1. Experience unique transportation on a vintage mini blue van

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